Michael David Cook, NSCA-CPT, Titleist CGFI

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Michael’s training philosophy is one compiled from nearly 20 years of experience, continuing education, mentorship programs, and implementation of programs that work. He is a Certified Personal Trainer by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and has mentored under Elite Sports Performance Coach, Mark Verstegen at Athlete’s Performance in Phoenix, AZ. Recently, Michael spent a year at Velocity Sports Performance as the Director of Adult Programs. Michael has been involved in a number of competitive sports his entire life, including: Baseball, Football, Motocross, and Mountain Biking.

By integrating specific training protocols, Michael can thoroughly prepare you for your favorite sport, hobby, or just a healthier, injury-free life!

Customized Program To Fit Your Goals

Training designed to improve performance through proven methodologies and sound practices. If you’re an athlete, he can make you better! If you’re an adult with different goals, he’ll customize your program to make sure it fits your needs.

Golf Fitness by the Titleist Performance Institute

TPI-Logo2Through a comprehensive functional movement screen, you can now identify and overcome any physical restrictions that are limiting your potential. Find out exactly what your weaknesses are, and what exercises need to be performed in order to overcome them! After that, you will receive a customized fitness program based on your screen results to get you on your way to playing better golf! Have the screen done separately, or combine it with a strength training program. We work with your PGA teaching professional, chiropractor, and physical therapist to ensure a better results on the course!

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