Myofascial Compression Technique

Restoring Tissue Elasticity, Fluidity, and Function

Myofascial Compression Technique (MCT) is a revolutionary form of self myofascial release that systematically restores tissue elasticity, fluidity, and function resulting in:

  • Pain Reduction
  • Injury Prevention
  • Performance Enhancement

MCT was developed by Trigger Point Performance Therapy ( The primary goal is to build compression into the targeted muscle with a TP device. Once compressed, the targeted muscle and limb is taken through a range of motion. Once this is defined, we then take the distal limb through its own pattern of movement replicating everyday functions. The compressed muscle tissue will produce an inhibitory response in the muscle spindle while also addressing associated myofascial dysfunctions such as trigger points, adhesions, and other muscular challenges.

Muscle Viscosity Allowing For More Fluid Movement

This process also opens up neurological pathways allowing for greater muscular proprioception. Deep nasal breathes work to relax the muscle while oxygenating the blood. MCT also changes the muscle’s viscosity allowing for more fluid movement.

An inelastic muscle is like a rope. The muscle loses its ability to lengthen and rebound. In many cases, the “rope-like” muscle has knots in it as well. You can’t stretch a knot out of a rope and you can’t stretch a knot out from a muscle.

Most individuals feel and see a dramatic difference after just one session of MCT; and rest assured that you are in good hands. Michael David Cook holds a Masters Certification in MCT.

Without a doubt, Michael David Cook’s applicable knowledge of fitness is, much like his great work-outs…exhaustive. Training with him is one of the few experiences where you don’t have to manage your expectations because Michael takes his responsibilities very seriously and has the physical and intellectual acumen to know and show his clients how to achieve their goals. I have trained with great trainers for years, but I’ve learned more about form, function and nutrition within the first few months of training with Michael. And on top of that, I learned from him something it never occurred to me that I needed to learn…but now that I have, it’s been invaluable. He taught me how to breathe…how to breathe to maximize the primary fuel source when training: oxygen.

- J. Foley, Aspen, CO

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