Golf Fitness

Golf Strength Program

Identify Physical Restrictions Limiting Your Potential

Golf Fitness Training Aspen ColoradoThis is an eighteen (18) session program for golfers ages 10 through adult. The Golf Fitness Program is designed for the golfer who trains two to three times a week at 55 minutes per session.

Through a comprehensive Functional Movement Screen, we can now identify and overcome any physical restrictions that are limiting your potential. Find out exactly what your weaknesses are, and what exercises need to be performed in order to overcome them! After that, you will receive a Written Evaluation explaining why you swing the club the way you do, what physical weaknesses need to be addressed, and a Fitness Handicap. Once we know what those weaknesses are, you’ll receive a Customized Strength Program based on your screen results to get you on your way to playing better golf!

Have the screen done separately, or combine it with a strength training program. We’ll work with your PGA teaching professional, chiropractor, and physical therapist to ensure a better result on the course!

If you are a golfer and you want to maximize your game, you must work on your golf game and your body. You want someone knowledgeable in how the body moves for golf. Michael David knows the body and knows golf. He will take you to your “Next Level” in golf if you follow his work out regimen. Michael personalizes your program to best suit your needs. He has given me a road map to follow so my game and my life will be at my best. If you want to strengthen your game, you want Michael David Cook to be your personal golf trainer. I have recommended my golf students to see Michael, because I want them to see the best.

- Nancy Quarcelino, Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor

Two Major Training Units

Each session is divided into two major training units:
1. Active-Dynamic Warm-up, to get the body ready for movement.
2. Strength, Stability, Core, and Prehab work comprises the remainder of the session. Combinations of the following components will create increased athleticism, and a better balanced, more powerful golfer:

Golf Fitness Training Aspen Colorado

  • Strength
  • Medicine Ball Power
  • Transverse Abdominis Activation
  • Linear Core
  • Core Stability
  • Rotational Core
  • Upper Body Prehabilitation
  • Lower Body Prehabilitation
  • Forearm Strength
  • Energy System Development (ESD)The Strength Component is a quadriceps and hamstring dominant exercise, including upper body pressing and pulling. Rotational strength and stability exercise is also included here, and is crucial for training high-speed movement in the transverse plane.

    Medicine Ball Power is a great tool for increasing power development. It includes linear and rotational power and rotational stability, critical in the game of golf. These exercises closely mimic actual golf movement patterns.

    Would You Rather Feel Like You Played 18 Holes After 36, or 36 Holes After 18?

    Because Transverse Abdominis Recruitment is critical in every sport, the golf program has a more extensive progression than other programs. It emphasizes proper spine and body stabilization.

    Linear Core, Core Stability, and Rotational Core development increase core and abdominal strength. It is enhanced by the “medball” power section.

    Upper and Lower Body Prehabilitation exercises increase stability. They also aid in joint orientation consistency, decreasing the likelihood of injury.

    Forearm Strength and Stability will aid in club control. Greater control increases accuracy of drives, approach shots, and chips.

    Energy System Development (ESD) is the final component and increases endurance for players. Increasing general endurance insures consistent power development from the first tee to the 18th fairway!