PNOĒ Analytics VO2 and Metabolic Testing

How Hard and How Long Should You Push Yourself?

Take the guesswork out of your cardio program with a PNOĒ VO2 Test.

I have been working with Michael for over 5 years. Michael’s program has increased my core strength and stamina, and has greatly improved my balance.

- Steve from Aspen, CO

The VO2 is a performance test, where the results determine how hard you should push yourself, and for how long. There are 3 heart rate zones involved: One burns calories from fat, one burns calories from carbohydrate, and one increases your speed, strength, and endurance. This test will not only identify these 3 zones, but will supply you with a 4 to 6 week cardio program according to your test results. Whether it’s weight loss, or a performance-based goal, the VO2 test charts a course to take you there…quickly and efficiently.

You’ll Get Tools for Success for Your Cardio Program

At the end of the PNOĒ Analytics VO2 and Metabolic Testing, you will know:

  • What heart rate zone you will burn calories from fat
  • What heart rate zone you will burn calories from carbs
  • What heart rate zone will enable you to build your endurance, strength, and speed
  • EXACTLY what kind of intensity and duration your cardio workout will be for the next 6 weeks!

6 Week cardio program included!

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Are you training hard enough? YES
  • Are you still seeing results from your cardio workouts? YES
  • Have you hit a plateau? NO
  • Are you bored with your current cardio “program”? NO
  • Do you have a specific cardio program, or do you just “go”? YES, I have a program

If you answered differently on any of these other than the answer given in bold type, you can benefit greatly from a VO2 Test

Attain Your Best Possible Performance

Exercise physiologists define VO2 max as your maximal rate of oxygen consumption. It is a measure of your capacity to generate the energy required for endurance activities and is one of the most important factors determining your ability to exercise for longer than four to five minutes. Improving your VO2 max by 10 percent without changing any other performance factors can take more than a minute off your 5k time, and is an essential factor in races from 800 meters to the marathon. Your sedentary VO2 max values are genetically determined. However, all individuals can make drastic improvements in VO2 max with the right training stimulus. Thus, to attain your best possible performances, VO2 max improvement is one aspect of your training that should not be ignored.

Take the guess work out of your cardio program and get the results you’re working so hard for, in less time!

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