Sport Specific Training

Targeted Programs for the Athlete or Competitor

Sport Specific Personal Fitness TrainingAre you involved in competitive sports, or just competitive in life?

No matter the sport, TNL’s staff designs targeted programs for the athlete or competitor in all of us. These sessions involve specific and non-specific movements related to the demands of that particular sport. Rotational strength, quickness, power, explosiveness, agility, balance, and speed are just some of the elements improved in this intense training program.

My life has changed for the better since working with Michael David Cook. I hope to continue working with him in the future. He not only helped me achieve on the field, he also helped me become a new person off the field. I was awarded the 2015 NSCA All-American Athlete Award as well as winning Athlete of the Year in my high school.

- Tucker Beirne, Miami, Florida