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What The Next Level Clients Are Saying

“Without a doubt, Michael David Cook’s applicable knowledge of fitness is, much like his great work-outs…exhaustive. Training with him is one of the few experiences where you don’t have to manage your expectations because Michael takes his responsibilities very seriously and has the physical and intellectual acumen to know and show his clients how to achieve their goals.

I have trained with great trainers for years, but I’ve learned more about form, function and nutrition within the first few months of training with Michael. And on top of that, I learned from him something it never occurred to me that I needed to learn…but now that I have, it’s been invaluable. He taught me how to breathe…how to breathe to maximize the primary fuel source when training: oxygen.

The only downside to training with Michael is that you’ll never learn everything he has to teach because he’s always learning more and on all fronts of whole-being health. He knows it, he shows it…and he makes it fun to grow with it. Respectfully and sincerely”
—J. Foley
Aspen, CO

“I have been working with Michael for over 5 years, a testament to constant variety in our workouts and his ability to help me safely push my limits. Michael’s program has increased my core strength and stamina, and has greatly improved my balance. I am hiking, skiing, and golfing with more confidence and better performance.”
Aspen, CO

“My strength, stability and confidence have greatly improved from working with Michael Cook. He is a highly skilled trainer and understands how the body works. He is able to identify the client’s weaknesses and works to improve them. He also continues to advance his own skills.”
Chicago, IL

“My interest in training and nutrition started my freshman year while training with Michael David Cook. Not only did this spark a massive change in my life, but it also helped effect those around me in a very positive way. Through working with Michael, I have become stronger and leaner than ever. This past summer I successfully reached a body fat percentage of 5.9%. Shattering all previous records. This not only improved my overall health, but helped improve my athletic performance to new heights. This past spring i signed my National Letter of Intent to play quarterback at Bryant University in Rhode Island. A Division 1 school that competes in the NEC conference. Not only did Michael’s training help me in football but it helped me break multiple school records. I shattered records set by Brian Griese and Mike Shula. I threw for a career 8000 yards and 125 touchdowns in my three years at Christopher Columbus High School. Michael’s training helped me reach personal goals in the weight room as well. In my most recent max, I benched 350 pounds, squatted 450 pounds, and power cleaned 315 pounds.

He not only helped me achieve on the field, he also helped me become a new person off the field. I was awarded the 2015 NSCA All-American Athlete Award as well as winning Athlete of the Year in my high school.

My life has changed for the better since working with Michael David Cook. I hope to continue working with him in the future.”
—Tucker Beirne
Miami, Florida